Classic Black Micro USB Data Cable

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Classic Black Micro USB Data Cable + Your Phone = A friendship stronger than Jay & Veeru.

Designed for: Micro USB

Colour: Classic Black

Power: 2.4 Amp

Warranty: 6 months. Covers all manufacturing defects.

Length: 1.5 meters

Care Instructions: To avoid damage to your Fable Cable, always carry it in the sleek, easy-to-carry test tube packaging. It may also win you some cool points with your squad.


Having problems with data cable? You should look into the quality of cable you buy so there are no problems in file transfer and charging. Introducing Fable USB Cables that are smarter & stronger. Even more useful, is that if you buy a compatible cable for the product which you want to use it for, rather than a random cable, then the results are found to be more effective. This data cable is compatible with iPhones and supports 2.4 Amp of fast charging. You can transfer your files and charge your phone without any issues. Choose Best micro USB data cable for mobile & charging from Fable & get rid of the data cable problems.

Micro USB for mobile Cable with Double Braided Design for Protection, Strength, and Flexibility

Enjoy the easy connections between your computer, laptops and your phones, tablets, DG camps, etc. Make file transfer fun, rather than tedious with this cable and release yourself from the strain of file transfers. It carries a double braided pattern, which exhibits a quality of toughness in the cable.

Embrace speed with FABLE USB Cable

Simply connect the high-speed cable into the adapter and your phone and amuse yourself with the speed of charging you observe. Also, the file transfers through this cable are fast and will save your time in unnecessary connect and disconnect again and again.

Featuring High Flexibility and Compact Design

With a flexible body and an appropriate length of 1.5 meters, this cable will give you comfort. The satisfying length will make you at ease if you are using your phone while charging and the sleek design and flexibility will add up to the ease at which you want to be.

All these features make Best micro USB data cable for mobile & charging from Fable. Hence Fable’s micro USB data cable for mobile & charging can solve all your data-cable related problems.


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