Today, everything from our security issues to our hunger pangs are being solved by our phones. We are more dependent on our mobile devices than we are on any human being. So, you only buy the best smartphones to make sure you get the best out of spending your hard-earned money.

Now imagine this. You are at a party and it is late. You are about to book a cab to get yourself home in your cozy bed. But your phone dies on you. You get your charger out, plug it in. But your phone just won’t start charging. The frayed, worn out cable has breathed its last electricity. Aren’t you wishing for a better charging cable right now? One that will be there when you need it the most?

That’s exactly what out founder, Vibhor Agrawal, 26, an established real estate entrepreneur in Jaipur, had faced a number of times, too. He had been stood up by low-quality, easily breakable cables too many times himself.

Not happy with the options available, he found a new and better solution to this eternal problem every smartphone user faces. A lot of research and experimentation later, he came across nylon braiding. Nylon ensures that the cables are smooth and flexible, while the braiding ensures that the cables won’t fray even after longer periods of continuous use. We have seen the product shine in the rigorous testing phases that we put it through.

The foundations of our organization are based in the fact that our leader is a problem solver. He wants to make the daily urban life a little less troublesome for everyone. Even if it means solving the little hassles like USB charging cables. So we coupled the product with practical packaging that ensures that your high-quality Fable USB charging cables remain pretty and uncut. Above all we package them with panache, so you get to shine.