USB cables were born around the 1990s and have been since used religiously for many purposes. Transferring of files and charging devices is the major purpose it serves.

There are various types of USB cables available in the market these days. Hundreds of companies claim to be making the best there is to be.

We all know the importance of having multiple data cables with you at all times. One for home, one for office, good car charger are all essential.

However, the quality of your data cable is not limited to an increased data cable life. The life of your phone is also dependent on the quality of the data cable you choose.

You spend thousands of rupees on your smartphone. So having it negatively affected by a bad quality data cable will be hurtful. A lousy quality data cable can affect your phone in many ways – prolonged charging time, fracture, unstable data transmission, or worse explosion.

Always choose the best data cable for that precious phone of yours. Here are a few things which should be studied and observed before finalizing the data cable which will add life to your phone.

  1. The material of the Cable

There are dozens of materials being used to make data cables. PVC, TPE, and nylon are the most common materials used. The use of PVC declined as the benefits of TPE came forward.

TPE is still used to make data cables for many smartphones out in the market. However, a new material – Nylon has landed with grace.

Nylon is a unique fabric material which is added to the existing USB cable to make sure no damage is caused to the USB due to any external tension. Nylon braided cable is firm, strong and dandy to look at.

  • The Softer, the Better

There are two types of cables – soft to touch and hard to touch. The softer the USB cable, the better it is. The reason being that hardwires is more likely to get destroyed due to storage.

  • Inner Core

High quality and thick inner copper core is the sign of a good quality USB cable. The thicker the copper core, the more efficient and stable charging is.

Always choose a good quality USB cable for your devices because that is how you ensure your device runs smoothly for a longer duration.

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